Hiking in the Northeast: Mountains & Waterfalls

Hiking in the Northeast: Mountains & Waterfalls

Hiking Adventures of 2018

I didn’t hike nearly as much as I would have liked to this year, but the hikes I did get in were pretty fantastic. I was fortunate to hike in three different mountain ranges, in two separate states, with some of my favorite people.

Adirondack Mountains, New York

Silver Lake Mountain & Mount Jo

Snowshoeing Small Peaks in the Adirondacks

Prospect Mountain

Lake George: A Lakeshore of American History

Panoramic view near the summit of Prospect Mountain.

Crane Mountain

I had hiked to the summit of Crane Mountain once before in October of 2016. Based on this experience, I had fully expected to see the beginnings of autumn foliage by September 23rd. I had also expected to struggle while hiking up the mountain, because I remembered it being somewhat difficult for me the first time.

To my wonder and surprise, I was wrong.

The tree leaves were still green and I my struggle was minimal. I was proud of my perseverance and I honestly had a fun day.

Sturdy, safe, and totally worth climbing for the views!
View from the top of the ladder.
Me at the summit of Crane Mountain, elevation 3254′.

Catskill Mountains, New York

Kaaterskill Falls Viewing Platform (April)

Kaaterskill Falls on my 42nd birthday!

North Point

Looking back, I wish I had planned a different hike altogether. Especially because Stoppel Point is a mere 1.7 miles farther up from North Point on North Mountain.  Honestly, on June 30th I didn’t know I wanted to hike to Stoppel Point, but I had wanted to hike the Escarpment Trail ever since I visited Kaaterskill Falls in April.

It was a rough hike for me because the summer heat was oppressive. It was the beginning of a heat wave in New York. I remember high humidity with the temperature around 93°F, and very little wind.

But it was also an amazing hike! I had the company I craved, my husband’s, and the Escarpment Trail had endless, spectacular views of the Hudson River Valley.

Something to note, the path we took up to North Point from Mary’s Glen had far less traffic than the Escarpment Trail. Also, trails in this area are very popular and easily accessible from North/South Lake Campground.

View of North and South Lake from North Point, elevation 2,900′.
My husband and I at North Point on North Mountain.
Me pointing north? Probably not. After all, I am directionally challenged.

Escarpment Trail

My husband and I on a shaded part of the Escarpment Trail. I was so tired from the heat, but somehow still managed a smile.

Badman’s Cave

Me at Badman’s Cave.

Newman’s Ledge

Me at Newman’s Ledge with a view of the Hudson River Valley from the Escarpment Trail.

Sunset Rock

View from Sunset Rock.

Kaaterskill Falls Viewing Platform (July)

Kaaterskill Falls from the viewing platform, reached by Laurel House Trail, 8:45 am.

Bastion Falls

Me at the bottom of Bastion Falls, near the beginning of Kaaterskill Falls Trail.

Kaaterskill Falls

Sunday morning, the first day of July, and it was far too early to be out hiking. The parking area was nearly full at 9:00 am and the Kaaterskill Falls Trail was already crowded with people eager to swim in the pool of cool water that rests between the two falls of Kaaterskill Falls.

View from the bottom of Kaaterskill Falls.
Me at Kaaterskill Falls, lower falls 64′.

White Mountains, New Hampshire

Crawford Notch State Park

It was my first time hiking in the White Mountains. In fact, August 25th was my first time hiking in New Hampshire.

There were eleven of us hiking up to Arethusa Falls, so on our way back down we took a different path, hoping would be less populated. Not only was the trail mostly free from people, we were able to see more waterfalls as we walked along the bank of Bemis Brook.

End of the summer heat and humidity made the day slightly uncomfortable, but this was a wonderful hike with wonderful people, and if I lived closer I would explore the White Mountains more.

View of Frankenstein Cliff from the parking area to Arethusa Falls.

Arethusa Falls

Coliseum Falls

Bemis Falls

Fawn Pool

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New Hampshire’s White Mountains

All photos were taken by me (Alicen) or my husband (Nathan).