About the Author

About the Author

Alicen Kym Hutcheson

the purpose is to share my experiences
photos, stories, poems
facts I learn, how I feel
hiking, traveling, wandering

Alicen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 2019

Alice with a N.
I was named after my Grandma Alice.

Alice, baby Kay (my mom), Wesley
Spokane, Washington, 1948

Allison is how everyone wants to spell my name when they hear me say, “Alicen.”
Alicia is the most common pronunciation when someone reads, “Alicen,” and then speaks my name aloud.

I was named after my Grandma Alice.


Roger (my dad), baby Alicen (me), Kay (my mom)
Spokane, Washington, April 1976


I was born in 1976 in Spokane, Washington.
Most of my childhood I lived in Spokane or in towns around Olympia, Washington.

I feel fortunate that my parents shared their love and enjoyment of the outdoors with me and my siblings.
I must have been around the age of ten when it became normal for my dad to take us out to the mountains, the woods, or the ocean. Some road trips we were able to experience all landscapes in the same day. It really just depended on where we were living at the time. We would explore, snack, and play- hike, swim, or just stroll the Pacific beaches.

Teenage Days

My family moved to Central California (1988-1990) for a couple years, and then we moved to Port Angeles, Washington.
I stayed there for 11 years.

When I look back at the time I lived on the Olympic Peninsula, I treasure the times I spent at places like Salt Creek, Fort Worden, and Rialto Beach.

Alicen in Washington State 1990-2001


I met my husband in 1999. Although we got married in 2017… and it makes me smile.

February 14, 2000
Me and my husband on our wedding day!!
Verbeck House, Ballston Spa, New York
September 13, 2017
My husband!
Saratoga National Battlefield, Stillwater, New York, October 2015

Currently residing in Saratoga Springs, New York

Continuous curiosity!

I’m a little quirky.
Awkward, nervous, depressed.
I’m a little dark.

obsessive and prone to brooding

I have an insatiable need for knowledge and understanding.

My life’s few enjoyments




Music festivals.

Blastfest 2016 – Bergen, Norway
HotH 2019

I love my cats!

Logan & Morrigan

some little facts about me, Alicen.

  • Purple is my favorite color
  • Winter is my favorite season
  • I love stories about vampires
  • My all time favorite movie is for sure “An Interview with the Vampire”
  • (It’s possible that I adore “Point Break” as well)
  • My favorite tv programs are “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” & “Rick & Morty”
  • I enjoy walks in old cemeteries, burial grounds, graveyards…
  • I’ve been a vegetarian for about 20 years
  • I’m crazy about making pizza dough from scratch
  • I love geology. Rocks. Mountains. Erosion. Volcanoes. Glaciers.
  • Old castles and fortresses are some of my favorite things to explore. I love tangible history.
Me at Akershus Castle in Oslo, Norway – February 2016