Saratoga Spa State Park: 2020

Saratoga Spa State Park: 2020

2020 in the Park

Saratoga Spa State Park is a place I can go that always brings me joy.
In 2020 I tasted springs, visited the baths, “ran” trails, played disc golf, went swimming, and snowshoed.
I am truly fortunate to have a refuge of recreation near my home.

I took over a thousand photos within the park throughout 2020.
I’m always noting changes.
Nature, weather, and seasons.
Persistently, I try to capture “the moment.”
The textures and colors of tufa and trees will always fascinate me.
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Orenda Spring with ice wings, January 18th.


Hayes Well Spring, February 19th.


Me and the Island Spouter, March 4th.


State Seal Spring, April 21st.
Me drinking from Polaris, April 25th.


Hall of Springs, May 11th.


Tallulah Spring, June 25th.
Vale of Springs Trail, June 30th.
Tallulah Spring, June 30th. I love how you can see the carbonation on my fingertips!


Island Spouter, July 22nd.


My husband in front of Orenda’s tufa mound after a morning run in the park, August 22nd.


Hole 7A of the Disc Golf Course, September 7th.


Me and the (Geyser) Island Spouter after a run in the park, October 17th.
Hathorn No 3, October 30th.


Shonts Memorial Spring, November 9th.


Orenda’s tufa mound, December 2nd.
Me and the Island Spouter, December 20th.

Saratoga Performing Art Center (SPAC)

No SPAC performances.

Closed Gate of Route 50 Entrance, June 13th.
Closed Gates of Hall of Springs Entrance, June 30th.
SPAC, December 2nd.

Hall of Springs

No Hall of Springs Holiday Party.

January 15th
May 11th
June 30th

Roosevelt Baths

I did get to go to the baths!

January 18th
September 18th
November 14th

Roosevelt Baths 2

And on December 2nd, I got to go inside the Roosevelt Bathhouse II.
I had been curious about it for years.
It was exciting to learn that there are public restrooms inside!

Roosevelt II Entrance.
Lobby Floor.
The Chandelier.

Victoria Pool

July 19th – My husband and I went to Victoria Pool. The rules were 50% capacity, you had to purchase food to buy alcohol (which is a smart thing anytime considering drinking, swimming, and sunshine), masks required unless you are in the pool, social distancing on the deck (6 feet away from others) and in the pool.

June 30th. Victoria Pool wasn’t open yet because of Covid, but I knew they were ready whenever they got the go ahead.
Me masked up at Victoria Pool, July 19th.
Social Distancing at Victoria Pool, July 19th.

Disc Golf

One of the best things to come out of crowds in the park was finding new ways of avoiding people while still getting outdoors.

My husband and I began playing disc golf.
I’m terrible at it. I’m reckless, determined, and seriously lack precision. Despite all my frisbee throwing shortcomings, I still have a good time playing disc golf.

Disc golf turned out to be a pretty great way to maintain social distancing in the park.

Me and my husband playing disc golf on July 4th.
Me disc golfing on June 28th.
Me disc golfing, July 4th.
My husband disc golfing on September 7th.

Lincoln Baths

June 30th

National Museum of Dance & Hall of Fame

“Pas De Deux” by Christopher O’Leary

June 30th

All Around Saratoga Spa State Park

5 Mile Trail/Geyser Trail

I frequently walked, jogged, ran trails, and completely got distracted by nature along the Geyser Loop Trail in 2020.

March 29th.
May 11th.
May 11th.
July 22nd.

Geyser Creek

April 21st
July 3rd
October 17th
October 30th

As I wander through the park I am constantly in awe of the same scenes.

July 22nd
October 8th
October 17th
October 30th

And I am endlessly passionate about the same springs.

(Geyser) Island Spouter

June 13th
June 28th
July 22nd
October 30th

Tallulah Spring

April 21st
June 3rd
August 3rd
August 22nd

Shonts Memorial Spring

March 29th
June 30th
August 22nd
November 9th


Shonts Spring, April 21st
Ferndell Spring, June 30th
Charlie Spring, June 30th
Orenda Spring, October 30th

Karista Spring

Hathorn No 3

It’s always fun to get my friends to drink from Hathorn 3, June 20th.
July 22nd
August 26th
September 7th

the spring has no name

I never saw it before it was pointed out to me.
Water seeping gently from the hillside by the creek, creating its own tufa.
It’s fun to imagine that all the springs looked similar before they had fountains.

February 19th
June 3rd
October 17th
December 2nd

Tufa of Orenda Spring


(Geyser) Island Spouter Selfies

Polaris Spouter Selfies