Vischer Ferry Nature & Historic Preserve

Vischer Ferry Nature & Historic Preserve

I woke up this morning to see the first dusting of snow on the ground for the season.

This reminded me of my outing a couple days ago.
The brief moment in time after the leaves fall, before the first snow fall…
…this is the barren time of year everyone forgets about.
I was feeling so very lonely, and instead of keeping myself shut away in my apartment, I decided to go explore.
I went to an area in Clifton Park called Vischer Ferry Nature & Historic Preserve.
The preserve is 600 acres of historic land bordered by the Mohawk River.
Although I didn’t go explore all the paths, I liked that there were numerous trails to choose from.
I started at the Cast Iron Whipple Truss Bridge, originally constructed in 1869.
The bridge crossed over a section of the Erie Canal that began being excavated in 1822.
I walked straight and kept on the path all the way until I reached the Mohawk River.
I saw and heard many different birds and they grew more boisterous the closer I got to the river.
The preserve would be an awesome place to bird watch, probably any time of the year.

The air was crisp, I was alone, but I felt secure surrounded by autumn’s beauty.

Since 2009 I have spent most Wednesdays hiking and exploring with my dear friend Michelle.
Something I didn’t realize when I started my exploration… it was Wednesday. 

All information I shared about Vischer Ferry Nature & Historic Preserve I learned from plaques posted in the preserve.

Cast Iron Whipple Truss Bridge.
The Old Erie Canal.
A view from the Whipple Truss Bridge.
Wetlands in the Preserve.

Wetlands in the Preserve.

At this post there were several paths one could go down.
The first one I chose led right down to the Mohawk River.

Town of Clifton Park, NY – November 12th 2014

Ashley, you better believe I'll be writing about our next adventure. I'm so excited for it!! I plan on writing about the 6 inches of snow we hiked through in February too 🙂 Was that this year? (I know it was).

Beautiful post as usual! I especially like the end when you realised it was Wednesday/Michelle day!