Mohawk River

Mohawk River

I actually took a little time to discover which Nature Preserves are near where I live.
If one doesn’t mind a 30 minute drive, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of places to hike.
With a chance of snow I decided to stay relatively close to home.

I wanted to expand my knowledge of my surroundings so I ventured farther west.

I started at a place called Mohawk Landing.
Mohawk Landing is basically a boat launch and picnic area.
I was able to explore the park in about a half hour.

I had a bunch of anxious energy so I continued exploring along the Mohawk River.

I went back to the Whipple Truss Bridge at Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve.
I am fanatical about this bridge.

I knew there were many trails to explore.
I chose one that leads to Clutes Dry Dock.

It was a strange hike for me.
I walked on a causeway along the Old Erie Canal.
Birds were surprisingly active for frozen waters.

The cold was unsympathetic.
The sun glared.
I embraced it.

My footsteps crunched noisily on the frozen ground.
Snow hid in the cold shadows.
Icy water trapped the roots of barren trees.

I love how alive I feel after a brisk walk in winter weather.

Clutes Dry Dock wasn’t what I expected.
In fact, I don’t know what I was expecting.
First thing I did when I got there?
I ran out onto the dock in the frozen waters.
I could hear the water rumble and scream, trying to escape its ice captor.

I ended up driving to Clutes Dry Dock in the end.
I think I may have hiked the whole way if I had company.

Mohawk Landing
Mohawk River at the boat launch and picnic area.
It was so bright I didn’t see DREAM until I looked at my photos at home.
Mohawk River from the bottom of the boat launch.
Canada Geese are flying low in the distance.
Trail along the cliffs of the Mohawk River.
Another picture taken from the trail of the Mohawk River.

Vischer Ferry Nature & Historic Preserve
Beginning my hike to Clutes Dry Dock.
I loved the different patterns ice made around the plant life in the marsh. 
The Causeway.
I just love this picture.
In the distance you might be able to make out a bridge from a trail on the other side of the Old Erie Canal.

Clutes Dry Dock
Historical Marker.
Frozen waters at Clutes Dry Dock.
Old Erie Canal coming out of Clutes Dry Dock.
Lonely Flower hanging over the frozen Old Erie Canal.
Frozen waters at Clutes Dry Dock.
I took this photo while I was standing on the dock in the middle of the dry dock.

Town of Clifton Park, NY – November 19th 2014