Towpath of the Old Erie Canal

Towpath of the Old Erie Canal

Since I first discovered the Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve I have wanted to share my find.
I wanted to show off my bridge.
… to learn some New York and United States History.
… to explore a new trail.
… to watch and listen to the birds chattering.

My Bridge.

Nathan finally had time to go exploring with me.
I have yet to go down the same trail twice.
This is something that pleases me!
We went west.
Traveling along the Towpath of the Old Erie Canal.

The winter air was surprisingly warm.
We didn’t really have a destination.
My favorite kind of day.
No expectations.

As we walked, Nathan and I discussed the making of the Erie Canal.
The engineering involved.
The conditions of a work site.
How awful a task to dig.
… with a shovel.
… in the mud.
… and mosquitoes.

After we returned home I became curious about why the Old Erie Canal was even made?
Today, at this particular spot on the map, the Erie Canal is the Mohawk River.
Why wouldn’t they just use the river all along?

I learned it was built to lower the cost of transporting products.
… like grain and lumber.

The canal was used to transport people as well.
… the first route used for the westward movement.

I learned the barges that traveled the canal
… were all built similar.
… and pulled by horses or mules.

I learned that the canal gave humans a sense of control.

Originally the canal was dug 40 feet wide and 4 feet deep.
Then it was enlarged to 80 feet wide and 7 feet deep.
… if I remember correctly.

Building the Erie Canal
Erie Canal

After sharing what I learned from the two sites above with Nathan he asked,
“How did the horses pull the barge?”

I found the best way to explain it was through pictures I found online.

Erie Canal Boats (This is the most complete site for all questions regarding the Erie Canal).

Tunnel illusion on the Towpath.
Old Erie Canal.
This view led to a discussion about war tactics.
My Nathan.
This “war tactic” area had such a surreal look about it.
My Bridge from the Towpath.

Town of Clifton Park – November 23rd 2014