Fern Lake Trail

Fern Lake Trail

Colorado – Rocky Mountain National Park

The Pool, Fern Falls, Fern Lake – August 19th 2013

Elevation Gain – 1,380 feet
Distance Round Trip –  7.6 miles
Characters – Alicen (me), Nathan (my boyfriend of 15 years)

Our second day in Rocky Mountain National Park we hiked up to Fern Lake.
I remember being wowed by the redness of the rock that made up the mountain sides.
The trail was well traveled and we came across other hikers frequently.
Along the trail there were many nice places to stop and eat a snack.
The beginning of the trail was fairly easy to hike, passing through an area known as The Arch Rocks.
After you reach The Pool you pretty much just go… up.
Waterfalls are always up.

From the trailhead to Fern Falls there is 685 foot elevation gain.
From Fern Falls to Fern Lake there is a 695 foot elevation gain.

I remember it raining off and on throughout the day.
I love a light rain while hiking in the summer.
It’s refreshing.
I would soon learn that every day there is a chance for rain in the Rocky Mountains.
The views of the mountain peaks from Fern Lake were impressive.
I believe we were able to see Notchtop Mountain, Little Matterhorn, and Knobtop Mountain from Fern Lake.
It was a beautiful hike with many scenic views.

~11 miles hiked so far…

The beginning of our hike to Fern Lake.
The beginning of our hike to Fern Lake.
I love using Nathan as a scale for height. He’s 6′ 6″ tall.
Me at The Arch Rocks.
The Pool.
Golden Mantle Ground Squirrel.
Lonely Flowers.
One of my favorite pictures from this hike.
Fern Falls.
Fern Lake.
Knobtop Mountain… I think.
Starting from the left I believe the peaks are Notchtop Mountain, Little Matterhorn, and Knobtop Mountain
Mountain Peaks at Fern Lake.