Congress Park

Congress Park

I just wanted to write about an adventure more recent…
Becky came up from Massachusetts for a visit and we decided to go check out a park in Saratoga Springs, New York.
We were all a bit curious to see a natural spring.
We didn’t know what to expect.
Were they cold or hot?
Could we get to some that were free to the public?

We ended up at Congress Park which has many historical features that completely captured my intrigue.
The Canfield Casino is a beautiful building and has a enthralling history.
The four springs within Congress Park are Columbian Spring, Congress Spring, Deer Park Spring, and Hathorn No 1. Spring (just outside the park).
They were all cold.

We walked through the Italian Gardens where we saw interesting statues.
We didn’t get to see a few of the fountains in the park because they were already covered for the cold and snowy season on its way.
The wooden horse carousel was an awesome piece of history to see. The horses were carved in the early 1900’s with real horse hair used for their tails.

I’d like to experience this park again. I’m thinking each season will have an unique offering.

Deer Park Spring 1873.

Morrissey Fountain in front of Canfield Casino since 1870.

Canfield Casino.
Operated from 1870 to 1907.

Simply known as The Reservoir.

Pan in the Palladian Circle. 
Horses on this carousel were carved by Marcus Charles Illions in 1904.
Saratoga Springs, NY – November 8th 2014
Characters – Alicen, Nathan, Becky