Last Day in Colorado

Last Day in Colorado

Colorado – Rocky Mountain National Park

Longs Peak, Trail Ridge Road, Bear Lake, Horseshoe Falls – August 21st 2013

Trail Ridge Road Highest Elevation – 12,183 feet
Bear Lake Trail Distance Round trip – .8 miles
Alluvial Fan Trail Distance Round Trip –  .3 miles
Characters – Alicen, Nathan

A day off from hiking…

Since it was our last day in Colorado we decided to take a drive on the Trail Ridge Road.
It’s the highest continuous paved road in North America.
Nathan was driving.
I will admit I had moments of panic as we drove up.
Sometimes all I could see was sky.
Other moments it was just


We stopped at a few lookout points.
Taking in the greatness of the mountains.

Longs Peak.

Elevation 14295 feet.
It is the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park.
We were able to see it from most places we visited in the park.

We didn’t end up driving the whole length of Trail Ridge Road.
We decided to do something else.
We knew we’d be driving the following day to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Bear Lake.

Our change of plans allowed us a quick walk around Bear Lake.
The trouble writing about this trip now is some details are lost.
I do remember being tired this day.
I did not want to walk too far.
At all.

After we enjoyed our time at Bear Lake…
Nathan got me out on my feet

Horseshoe Falls.

It was a very easy, quick walk to see the falls.
An Alluvial Fan.
This waterfall is popular because of its geology.
So much so that I had a difficult time learning the actual name for the falls.
It is just referred to as the Alluvial Fan in Horseshoe Park.

It was a fun stop.
Nathan even got me to stick my
in the river below Horseshoe Falls.
I’m glad I did.
It was refreshing.

~21.5 miles hiked in Colorado!!!

Longs Peak on the left.
A wonderful view to start the day!
Explanation of Parks.
I thought the plaque would say it better than I could.
Longs Peak.
Another bit of history from a plaque.
Nathan with Longs Peak in the background.
Alicen at Rainbow Curve on Trail Ridge Road.
Bear Lake.
Half Mountain and Longs Peak.
Nathan at Bear Lake.
Bear Lake.
Hallet Peak.
The valley of Horseshoe Park?
Horseshoe Falls.
Alluvial Fan.
Alicen at Horseshoe Falls.
Roaring River.
We dipped our feet in this river. It seemed like a perfect way to end our hiking in Colorado.