Ladies Weekend in NY

Ladies Weekend in NY

We drank.
We ate.
We laughed.
We crafted.

I love to learn the history of things.
Why is it this way?
Who thought to ever do that?
When was it built?
What were people like back then?
Would I have had this opportunity if I lived in another time?
I must admit I did not understand fully what the “Springs” in Saratoga Springs meant when I first moved to Upstate New York.
Sure I have been hiking to the Olympic Hot Springs in Washington State.
I have seen hot springs and pools in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.
… but it never occurred to me that there could be cool spring water.
to drink.
to bathe in.
and minerals in it?
and it is carbonated?
this must be why some New Yorkers call soda water tonic…
I’m always very nervous when I do something new.
Relaxing is a struggle for me.
To let go.
to Stop talking.
to Stop thinking.
to Just be.


to breathe.
Five of us went to the Roosevelt Baths.
I am sure we all had different experiences.
this is mine.
As I entered my private bathing suite,
I felt like I was having one of those time traveling moments.
as if I was existing briefly in the 1930’s.
I imagined…
I could have been one of those wives
Well dressed
No kids
No job
No house work to do
Bored and needed fixing of my ailment.
The room was dimly lit.
giving the impression that a single candle burned in the room.
music played softly.
The bath tiles were black and white.
A Victorian look from another era.
The water was murky, yet I didn’t hesitate to get naked.
lowering myself into the cast iron tub.
the temperature couldn’t have been more perfect.
instantly the soothing water begged my muscles to relax.
I was honestly surprised by the water being bubbly.
I loved how weightless I was…
my breathing…
in and of itself was relaxing.
the natural rhythm of my heart and lungs.
I remember in this soothing moment thinking…

It’s a shame mineral water can’t fix my mind.

Forty minutes.
In the dark.
In delicious feeling water.
Such a perfect moment in time.


If my memory serves me right…
the bath tiles were a part of the original Roosevelt bath house opened in 1935.
I don’t remember if the cast iron baths were original, but I’d like to think they were.
there were 87 baths before another wing was added.
it has always been a bath house.

After the baths we ate and window shopped in Saratoga Springs.
And I finally got to show my lovely ladies my bridge.

Waters of Saratoga Springs
Saratoga Mineral Baths

The Roosevelt Baths

The Roosevelt Baths.

Hallway leading to private bathing suites. The Roosevelt Baths.


The Roosevelt Baths.

Arches. The Roosevelt Baths.
Arch outside Roosevelt Baths.

Mural in Saratoga Springs.

Old Saratoga bank vault in a cute book store.

Vischer Ferry Nature & Historic Preserve – Clifton Park

My bridge. The Old Erie Canal was pretty well frozen.

Cast Iron Whipple Truss Bridge.

Saratoga Springs, NY – December 7th 2014
Characters – Becky, Caitlin, Melis, Michelle, Alicen