Hayes Nature Park

Hayes Nature Park

Sometimes I get anxious.
A panic that is not explainable.
It sneaks up…
Tightening in my chest.


heart racing
difficulty swallowing
choking feeling
tears falling

a desperate need to gain control
yet i can’t seem to
make the panic go away!!

If I could breathe
everything would be fine…

A calming walk in winter woods.

I had passed the parking area on Moe Road many times.
You can see a trailhead marker when driving by.
… but no sign around to indicate there’s a park there.
I have looked at maps.
I have tried to find it by looking for hiking trails in the area.
I couldn’t find any information.

When I parked…
I finally noticed the Hayes Nature Park sign.
It was way colder out than I had anticipated.
I had my gloves, scarf, and put my hood up.
Ready to explore!

Something I enjoy about cold days.
I am alone to wander the trails.
Houses are built all around the park boundaries.
… but there are plenty of trees.
… sheltering the view.

i imagine
when the naked trees
have clothes of leaves
the birds are plentiful

It was a really nice walk.
The path was smooth to walk on.
I could see it being a nice place to run.
Lots of wooden bridges!

I saw a hawk fleeing crows.
Crows have particular caw.
… while they chase
… and peck at
… birds of prey
I enjoy watching birds.

The trail is really well marked.
A one mile loop.
In the shape of a figure 8.

I did the loops poorly.
… so I ended up traveling.
… a little father than a mile.

A quick easy mile.
Good for any season.

I learned the park opened in 2011.
After learning the name of the park.
I was able to find a little information.

I will most certainly be visiting this park again soon.


Beginning of the trail from Moe Rd.
First bridge.
Bridge near a junction to the Liberty Way Entrance Loop.
Upstate New York Winter Woods.
Clear Directions.
There were signs at every junction.
Another Bridge.
I’m not sure how many there are, but I like that there are many.
First Bridge at the end of the hike near Moe Rd.
I think…

Town of Clifton Park – December 30th 2014
Distance Traveled – 1.29 miles