Camping in Colorado

Camping in Colorado

Colorado – Rocky Mountain National Park

Moraine Campground – August 18th-21st, 2013

Elevation – 8,160 feet
Characters – Alicen (me), Nathan (my boyfriend of 15 years)

There is so much to this story that I had a difficult time knowing where to begin.

I thought I’d start mine and Nathan’s Rocky Mountain Travels by assessing the first campground we stayed on our trip, and sharing some photos from around the campground.

I love to camp, but while vacationing I like to have some comforts if it’s reasonable.

  • The campsites were spaced decently apart for a campground that has so many sites available.
  • The restrooms and dish washing stations were well maintained and a comfortable walk from campsites.
  • It was easy to build and maintain a fire in the fire pit. Little did I know at the time we stayed here that a fire pit with no air can be extremely frustrating after a long day of hiking and in dire need of nourishment.
  • Some trailheads were close enough to the campground that you didn’t need to bother with driving and having to find a parking space, or taking a shuttle that inevitably puts constraints on time. I personally don’t like having a “finish time” requirement while I’m trying to enjoy myself and just take in all nature has to offer me.

The views were amazing!!!

I would highly recommend this campground to others.

View from our campsite.
View from our campsite.
Our campsite.
Nathan relaxing in his backpacking hammock that we made.
At the campground.
Female elk (cows) grazing in the sun.
At the campground.
Can you find all the elk in this picture? They camouflage so well.
Leaving the campground.
Longs Peak is on the left.

The Moraine Campground is a great place to stay while hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

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