Saratoga Spa State Park in the Winter

Saratoga Spa State Park in the Winter

Hayes Well Spring in front with Geyser Island Spouter in the distance.


Natural Springs Don’t Freeze

February 6, 2017 – I’m fairly certain that the springs in Saratoga Springs, NY are a constant 55°F. When I left my house to explore the different springs in Saratoga Spa State Park today, the weather said it felt like it was 16°F out. I knew the springs themselves wouldn’t freeze, but I wondered about the waters that had already spilled upon the ground.

The sun was shining bright despite the cold.
Birds were singing their “Spring is Near” song and woodpeckers could be heard throughout the woods as they searched for their food within the trees.
As I walked, the cold air was delicious with a heavy scent of pine. The best way I can describe it is green, spicy, and earthy.

There is a magical place within the park where I can sit and breathe without realizing any time has passed. Today was no different. I took my time and drank from each spring I visited. I was also on the hunt for a newly uncapped spring I had recently read about while doing spring research on the internet.

To my surprise, it wasn’t as icy as I thought it would be so I was able to drink from seven different springs. The Island Spouter is probably the only spring at this point in time that I haven’t tasted.

Hayes Well Spring

This particular spring has two spigots with water flowing from them and one spigot that is tipped up. Some people say inhaling the gas from Hayes Spring can actually help with sinus congestion.



Geyser Island Spouter

Watching this spring never gets old. Every season creates a new background to showcase the amazing colors in the tufa mound that surrounds it.


Polaris Spring

I love to drink from this spring. I used to hesitate because I was afraid to step up close enough to drink.


Tallulah Spring

Barely any snow remains on the hillside where this spring basks in the sunshine.

I’m not sure what to call her, but I found her easily. Encased in orange construction plastic fencing, she is waiting for a fountain so she can run freely.


Karista Spring



Orenda Spring & Tufa

I wasn’t going to visit her today, but I rarely go to Saratoga Spa State Park without saying hello.




State Seal Spring

Finally flowing again after being shut down since October 2016, I stopped to grab some pictures of it flowing while there wasn’t a line of people waiting to fill their jugs of water.


Geyser Mineral Spring

Pouring from the same location as the State Seal, Geyser Spring is often ignored by the public.

Overall, I had a pretty productive day of tasting the springs. One day, I will remember to bring a container to collect and drink out of.

All photos were taken by me.